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If you are interested in cost reduction for your production and to keep the high quality of development - apply to us. We can give you all conditions and services for offshore programming organization. Our leading specialists have more than 15 years working experience in developing of difficult software and also we have experience in offshore programming. We can propose to you:

1. Infrastructure

- 300 sq. m. office
- 0.57 MBPS Internet Leased Link
- 50 Desktops and 10 Servers connected in LAN

2. Our experience

- Operating Systems: Unix Linux, NT
- Programming Languages: C, C++, Visual C++, Java, SDK, MFC, COM / DCOM, SED, Perl, JavaScript, XML, WML - System Software: Mail / WAP / Web / DNS Servers
- RDBMS: Oracle, MS-SQL, mSQL/mySQL, SYBASE including experience in development computer-based control systems for industrial enterprises (financial management, production control, financial flow management). Creating of corporate systems that are based on Internet technologies.
- Network: TCP/IP, HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, LDAP, MAPI, IMAP, Specialized in Socket Programming

3. Human Resources

- We can present you well organized team consisting of 50 developers. All these people have higher education and work experience in IT sphere. Besides, our company has a great recruiting experience and a wide database of high qualified IT specialists.

4. Instruments for cooperation

- We understand how important is the proper organization of activity management. We also realize that without structure, which is located at that area where the customer is such an activity is not possible because of impossibility to carry out right marketing policy and development management. That's why we agree to all forms of cooperation right up to the creation of joint venture.

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