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From the very beginning our company was found for development of business applications for industrial enterprises with personnel volume about 1000-5000 people in the field of machine-building, metal-working, trade and transport.

Since 1997, AWIS has established such activity as consulting services in information technology industry. Our specialists have twenty years experience in development and introduction of information systems. They are responsible for projecting of business processes, adapting date flows for machine processing, organising software development for achievement of ideas in perfection of system management of enterprise or selecting the executors. Our company specialises in development and realisation of non-standard solutions, demanding a high level of knowledge and qualification.

In 1998 AWIS created a department which is committed to provide selection services of high qualified IT specialists for foreign companies. We have a wide database of IT specialists, which were tasted as for language knowledge so as for their qualification level. And that's why we could satisfy your requests fast and qualitatively.

We know IT industry, and present outstanding opportunities as for solving requests for you as for employer, if you need specialists or software for the company, so as for promotion your career, if you are a talented programmer and looking for new ways for realisation of your creative potential.

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