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If you want to automatize business process at your enterprises or company, don't hesitate to contact us. Our specialists with working experience more than 20years, will be glad to help.
We provide the development of business-applications for industrial enterprises in the field of machine-building, metal-remaking, trade and transport:

Business processes design;
Development of database and software for the enterprises management;
System integration

The most modern CASE means such as Oracle Designer, Power Designer are used for designing of our applications. The server part of the system is worked out under ORACLE from Sybase, and customers` applications with the use of C++, Java. The developing are carried on with the wide use of the Internet technologies.

The server part of the system projects as a single entity that will allow creating end-to-end complex systems, working in the real time procedure. The great working experience of our specialists; using the most modern methods and means allowed to create a really powerful system, able to run an enterprise effectively in our hard economic conditions.

We cover all main fields of commercial, household and industrial activity of enterprises:

Technique-economy planning;
Financial flows management;
Industrial process management;
Orders' briefcase forming;
Material flows management;

Clearly worked out system of the pre-designed investigation and implementation of performed tasks, allows quickly and with high quality start up the system into industrial exploitation.

At the present moment our orders include such as creation of corporate enterprises management system and realization of spare parts for the railway industry enterprises. This system are based on the Internet technologies and unite 18 enterprises; The tasks for development of automized repair management systems and systems for exploitation of trains on the railway.

If you are interested in, don't hesitate, contact us.


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