Why it is profitable to place software industry in Ukraine.

1. The high technical culture of developers from Ukraine and CIS.

Kiev, where our company is situated is the capital of Ukraine. This is a big industrial city with highly developed infrastructure. During Soviet Union period the main part of electronic war industry and also leading science institutions in the sphere of Information Technology were concentrated here.

Now a good programming school exists in Kiev. A big number of science- industrious institutions, and also impetuous growth of companies who deals with Outsourcing offshore programming create favourable conditions for the specialists, working in this sphere.

At the present moment more than 20 institutes of higher education work in our city and graduate specialists in this sphere. Many programmers from Ukraine are working in the USA and Western European countries at that moment.

Unfortunately, the developers of software in Ukraine are forced to work in hard conditions. The lack of financing for the development because of general economic crisis from the one side and very high requirements to the workable software from another compel the developers to show the wonders of resourcefulness, to perform the deep theoretical developmental work to manage not to exceed tempered funds and guarantee the high quality of the product. It can't be denied - programmers from Ukraine and Russia are well known all over the word.

2. Impetuous hardware development.

Internet infrastructure now develop impetuous in our city. At the present
moment it's not a problem to get connection channel with transmissivity 1-2 MBPS. Moreover the hardware cost in Ukraine is much smaller than in highly developed Western counties. It possibly bounds up with the fact that many equipment suppliers δεμοτθνγσώς prices attempting to conquer Ukrainian market and also with the low cost of labour force that deals with the final assemblage and installment of equipment.

3. The low cost of labour force.

The living standards in Ukraine and accordingly the salary level of programmers working in Ukraine differs up to 10 or more times from the salary of Western countries programmers. And while creation of software the part of expenses for the salary is very essential - and the placement of your orders in Ukraine greatly deflates the cost of production under the same conditions.


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